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[Submarine Battle V1.0]

Below is a briefly instruction.

If you like to BOMB, you will like this SubmarineBattle!

In this game you will control a warship patrol on the water, just use your finger to scroll left or right to move the warship. There is a lot of submarine under the water, they move fast or slow, just to seek chance to destroy you by launching torpedo/missle. You can tap at the water area to throw deep-water bomber to BOMB the submarine, if the position you tap at is left side of the warship, bomb will be released from left side of the warship, work same way in reverse.

System will show information at left-top area:
1.The highest level/scores you ever achieved.
2.How many scores needed to go next level in current game.
3.How many scores you have got in current game.
4.How many life left.

Type of submarines:
1.Detective Submarine.(Blue one, detectived only, no attacked bomber released. Kill one score:+10)
2.Torpedo Submarine.(Gray-white one, will launch a number of torpedos. Kill one score:+20)
3.Missle Submarine.(Green one, will lanuch a number of missles. Kill one score:+30, will appear from level 1.)
4.Carrier Submarine.(Yellow one, carry things only, if exploded will release things. Kill one score:+40, will appear from level 2)
5.Poisoned-Jellyfish.(It is a BOMB itself! It will swim to surface of water and move to you! Touch=Dead! Kill one score:+50, will appear from level 7)
6.Odd-Fish...will appear from level 10, it will launch something more faster/dangerous than a Missle...Kill one score :+100...
(Any submarine run into exploding fire will explode as well & you will get score*2 for that submarine.)

Things carried on Yellow Submarine will be released if it exploded, if you pick it up, you will get BIG surprise!

Carried things sometime is one more extra life, sometime is a mass-destructived nuclear missle!...sometime is a super-cover to let you no fear any torpedo/missle....more things leave it for you to discover....
To relax your nervous nerve...

If you achieve what level and rewards for that level is auto un-locked...After you lost the current game, you can go to view your rewards....different rewards for different level, the higher level you achieve will give you HIGHTER rewards...discover all rewards by yourself!

1.This version is tested successfully under SDK 2.0, with HTC 480 X 800 resolution, lower resolution is not recommand, different resoluton may lead to the IMG auto-scaled.
2.The sound/music volume is controled by the System Ringtone volume, just press the button on the machine to adjust.

Anybody interested in this Apps & would like to have a try, just go to Android Market and search by Developer Name "AOKEEE" then you will see it.

Below are some snapshots:

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