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[CrazyEscape V1.0]

CrazyEscape is a challenging game, you need to control the aircraft shuttle back and forth between HUNDREDS bullets shoot at you, just touch the screen and move your finger(any place in the screen, do not need to tap on the plane else you can not see it!), the plane will follow your gesture...

Your aim is to keep alive as long as possible(not hit by any bullets), there are 19 levels from "Airman Third Class" to "General of the Air Force", first level will need you achieve >= 3 seconds.

The game will automatically records your highest Scores & Level & Title, this will show at left-top corner.

You will get reward if you achieve at least level 1, different level get different rewards, you never know what you will get at next level cause it is randomly(*,*)

This version is tested ok under HTC G7, SDK 2.0, 480X800.
Different resolution may lead to IMG be auto-scaled.

Below are some snapshots:

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